Obviously, I should’ve gotten the apple butter…


So when we first started talking about doing this comic, Andrea told me a story about running into an old “friend” at a supermarket, and I told her I had a similar experience. Of course, there’s probably no way we were actually in the same supermarket at the same time, but through the magic of webcomics, Hatlee and Wes are (even if they don’t know it yet.)

Sorry for the delay. Gout continued to make my life hell for two straight weeks, plus I worked a lot of overtime at my day job, plus the laptop crashed about every fifteen times, plus I got waaay into the details while inking and coloring this one. Going to have to find an easier way to do that. Thankfully, I get a bit of a break for the next couple weeks, as Sadie makes a return appearance. And wherever there is a depressed, sarcastic 8 year old girl, her chain-smoking unicorn can’t be far behind.


Finally – yeah there’s only one off-brand of apple jelly left on the market, as it seems all the brand names have stopped selling it. The only problem is the off-brand apple jelly is made with high fructose corn syrup instead of sugar, so I have to avoid it unless I want to have yet another fortnight of gout. Could be worse, I could be stuck eating jam.