“Dear Diary,

Today has been a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day.”

So begins an actual diary entry of mine from January of 1994.  i was 8.

Other gems from this record of my childhood include, “I had a bad headache but Mommy didn’t help me.” “Things have been SO bad this year I feel my whole life is falling apart.” “I have so many bad things that happened or are about to happen I have nightmares.” Complete with illustrations of my enemies scribbled out, cut into pieces, and smeared with something red and waxy.

Finding this diary came as a bit of a shocker – and i have to admit that i laughed so hard at some of the entries that i cried – but then i realized, it explains a lot.

And what better way to deal with that baggage than in a comic?

“I wish my family cared more about me and my feelings. Now there acting like nothing went wrong today.”

PS: All of these stories will tie in together soon. We promise.