Finishing off Wes’s story for now with an intriguing post-script featuring two new (?) characters.

What’s that you say? The last time we posted was in July? You can’t remember what happened? Well, hit the Previous button up top and refresh your memory! Or start from the beginning and enjoy the whole saga again!

Yeah, sorry about the delay. We were supposed to finish this chapter up last year around this time, but multiple computer problems and life-related issues kept us away. And when it came time to ink this one we added a character so the girl at the desk wasn’t talking to herself. And then the laptop crashed and the photoshop file was unrecoverable and it takes awhile to get back in the swing after a tragedy of that nature.

We hope to do the final three of this chapter before the end of the year, but no promises.


Credits for today’s comic:
Plot and script by Sarah Zagacki.
Pencils and digital inks by Justin Stenson.
Thanks for pinch-hitting with the word-type-stuff, babeh.