Hey look, it’s a bonus comic! Posted almost two weeks late, and in lieu of two actual comics that progress the story, but a bonus comic nonetheless!

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Possibly because it’s a chance to be someone other than myself for awhile? When you’re in the throes of depression and just basically hate yourself, the lure of being someone else is very strong. Consequently, I go to a lot of trouble to make sure my costumes are as detailed and realistic as I can. Verisimilitude is the key. Usually put together from scratch, because every time I’ve bought one from a store I’ve been disappointed.

There is another comic done and was supposed to go up last week, but this simple, quick and dirty bonus comic wound up taking twice as long as it should yet again. See an upcoming blog post for more details about that, and the future direction of this webcomic.

In the meantime, enjoy your bonus comic!